Zentyal, the Linux Small Business Server, is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Server, that you can set up in less than 30 minutes.

Thanks to the native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange protocols, SMBs can transparently migrate their systems to Zentyal.

Offer Secure Remote Access

Does your business have teleworkers or sales people who need to access in a secure way to the company Intranet over the Internet? Zentyal Small Business Edition allows these remote users to connect securely through virtual private networks (VPNs) to the corporate network.

Block Social Sites and Messaging

Do you want to guarantee secure and efficient working environment for your employees? With Zentyal Small Business Edition you can restrict access to certain sites, block messaging applications and control user browsing or downloads to enforce your organization’s Internet usage policy.

Share Files and Printers

Do your employees usually share important files via email? Wouldn’t it be better to have the latest version in one, shared place? With Zentyal Small Business Edition you can easily create shared folders and share other resources, such as printers, over your network.

Maintain Network Security

Do you currently protect your company network against attacks, intrusions and internal security threats? Zentyal Small Business Edition helps to prevent attacks, protects your users from viruses and phishing attempts, and if you wish, backs up your data in case of a disaster.

Optimize Internet Connectivity

Is Internet access indispensable for your business? Zentyal Small Business Edition gives your users and occasional visitors secure and fast Internet access, allowing them to take a full advantage of the multiple Internet connections your offices have.

Deploy Basic Network Infrastructure

Is your local area network infrastructure in order? With Zentyal Small Business Edition you can easily manage the basic LAN infrastructure, publish internal web sites, create a FTP server or run virtualized Windows applications.

Technical Support

What about technical support? Zentyal Small Business Edition includes technical support. This guarantees that your network is installed and configured correctly right from the start and you can receive maintenance support whenever necessary.

Communications Add-on

Does your business also need a fully integrated communications solution? Get the Communications Add-on that comes with complete email solution, instant messaging and voice over IP services.