Support Hot-line

Depending on your needs we can provide up to a 24/7 support service. The general support number is transferred automatically to the support employee on duty.

Ticketing System

We implement a ticketing system that allows browsing to and launch a new support ticket. Depending on the urgency we are notified via SMS or e-mail.

We also create a support or help-desk mailbox. The ticketing system monitors incoming e-mail, can respond automatically and inform us of the new support ticket.

Remote support

We make sure that you or your customers are supported in the most efficient way. Based on technologies as remote desktop or Teamviewer we can have a look on the system that needs support. In case more security is needed this communication can be tunneled in a VPN connection.

On-site support

Thanks to working from three locations in Belgium, being Turnhout, Tienen and Sint-Niklaas we are able to shorten travel times and support you or your customers on short notice.

Pro-Active Monitoring

Provided your systems allow it we can implement a pro-active monitoring system. This way we are notified before things go wrong like for example a system crash because a hard disk was full.