Open Source Solution Center (OSSC) a oneICT BVBA company (oneICT) is committed to protect your privacy rights. The text below describes our policy concerning the collection and use of information.

What information do we collect?

We collect all data that you submit to us through our website or through other channels, such as e-mail, phone or fax. This includes your name, company name, address, e-mail address, phone number and fax number.

We also collect quantitative information needed for a correct invoicing of the services you made use of.

The use of our services is also logged in order to monitor the quality of our services, and to prevent and to detect abuse.
What use do we make of the collected information?

We use the collected information to the following ends:

  • In order to communicate with you;
  • In order to inform you of new or modified services, with your permission;
  • In order to generate anonymous statistical data.

Communication to third parties

All data communicated to OSSC will be strictly handled with the greatest confidential care. In no case whatsoever we will give your data to a third party unless you explicitly asked us for example in case of a professional collaboration.

We do not communicate your personal information to third parties, except where this is required for a correct functioning of the services and products we offer.

Notably, the registration of domain names entails a correct identification of the domain owner. This information is entered in the databases of the organisations that manage domain extensions. The nature of the Domain Name System (DNS) requires that this information be made public through the WHOIS protocol and certain websites. OSSC cannot guarantee that this information will not be used in a different manner by third parties.
Perusal and modification of your personal information

In accordance with the Belgian Law of December 8, 1992 concerning the protection of personal privacy, you can at all times ask to peruse your personal data and ask for a correction of them.

We reserve the right to maintain an archival copy of modified data, in order to redress possible errors at a future date.

Protection of the information

Online payments on the website are processed through a certified Payment Service Provider, a specialised company which validates your credit card data. Your data are encrypted at all times, meaning they are only visible to the payment provider. OSSC does not collect or keep credit card data in its databases.

Your personal information made available to you through OSSC’s client website is only accessible to our employees and to yourself. You are responsible for preventing abuse of the credentials which we procured you. Do not leave your user name and password lying around, and remember to log off after using any web application which requires logging in.

Privacy of the information

OSSC will not inspect the content of your data and your communications, unless you instruct us to explicitly, for instance in order to debug a malfunctioning.

Data residing on our servers is scanned on a regular basis by virus scanners. These virus scans are automated and do not inspect your data’s contents in any way, except by scanning for recognizable virus patterns which may point to an infection.

All inbound and outbound e-mail traffic passing through the OSSC servers is also scanned for the presence of viruses or spam. This is done without inspecting the content of your e-mails.

External websites

While OSSC may be committed to protecting your data and your privacy, this is not necessarily true of other websites you may visit, including websites to which we link or which link to us. This privacy statement applies solely to our own website and our own services. We urge you to peruse the privacy statement of any other website you may visit before committing your personal data to it.
Scope of this statement

This statement regulates the use of the OSSC website and services.

Since both our services and the legislation pertaining to them may change in the course of time, it may be necessary to complement or to modify this statement. Any changes to this statement will be applicable at the time of publication on our website.

This statement is accessible from any webpage of our website.