Reduce your ICT costs!

Using open source solutions you benefit from free available software. For example Ubuntu Server is free to use without licensing fees versus Microsoft Server will cost you. Other open source solutions based on commercial plans have fees that are a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Cost Reduction Example: Zimbra Collaboration Suite versus Windows Exchange Server for 100 users.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite Standard Edition

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Standard Edition






Server Operating System License Cost Ubuntu Server LTS 0,00€

Windows Server Standard - License with 2 Years Software Assurance - 2 Processors and 2 Virtual OSEs - No Level - OLP part P73-05758

1.295,62 €

Program License Cost Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Professional Edition (Perpetual license, 25 mailbox pack, Zimbra Mobile and Archiving & Discovery included, 1st year SnS purchase required part ZCSPE-25PK-LSSP-C at 1.245,51 per 25 users) 4.982,04 €

Exchange Server Standard - License with 2 Years Software Assurance part 312-02201

1.039,10 €

  Zimbra Collaboration Suite - 3 Year Advantage Support and Subscription on Perpetual license for Professional Edition Non-US Government or Non-Profit (25 mailbox pack) part ZCSPE-25PK-3ASUP-G at 355,07€ per 25 users 1.420,28 €

Exchange Server - Client Add-on - License with 2 Years Software Assurance part 381-03107 at 106,18€ per user

10.618,00 €
     6.402,32 €   12.952,72 €

Get more for the same value!

In some cases the price difference between a commercial open source and closed source solution is close to zero. Let us take for example Microsoft Server Essentials versus Zentyal Small Business Edition . The price is about 500,00 € for both. But Zentyal is a fully featured domain controller that can act as a file sharing server but also a VOIP server, firewall and many more. Hence you get much for for the same value! This makes that Zentyal is the perfect alternative to replace Microsoft Small Business Server. Or use Zentyal as the better option then to migrate to Microsoft Server Essentials from Microsoft Small Business Server 2011.

Speak up again! Because now they listen.

Have you ever tried to propose a feature request to closed source solutions? In case of open source this is just a matter of filing the request online. If more users share the same need they can also vote for your request. Off course you are more then welcome to vote for other requests that could be of use for you. The requests with the highest votes will be considered first in future releases.